Seoul National University

Ph.D. candidate at Technology Management, Economics, and Policy Program, Seoul, South Korea
Advisor: Professor Jorn Altmann
( Contact Number: +82 70 76786676
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Current Research Area: Social Network Analysis, Information Diffussion in complex networks, Network Formation Models
Expected Graduation Date: 2016/02/30

Dongguk University

Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Seoul, South Korea
Thesis Title: The Impact of Individuals' Structural Importance and Strategic Behaviors on Network Utility
Advisor: Professor Juntae Kim
(Contact Number:010-914-13712
Research Area: Social Recommender Systems, Immunization strategies on complex networks

Osmania University

Master degree in Information Systems, Hyderabad, India (First Division with Distinction)
Thesis Title: Analysis of Agent based systems
Advisor: B. Sujatha